India poll 2014: Aam Aadmi Party should target top Congress-BJP leaders!

India poll 2014: Aam Aadmi Party should target top Congress-BJP leaders!



With corruption ridden politicians and parties thriving in India, there is no chance that India could be made corruption free any time in the near future as they block any attempt to implement anti-corruption laws. .

In India communal politics also thrives due to the rampant corrupt practices, being provided by political parties and pampered by the state.

Ultra right wing BJP has been wooing all possible politicians to join the communal bandwagon, while the Congress party is going all out to somehow retain power in New Delhi. .

When the Congress and BJP still maintains their secret deals for the poll, they fear only the common man’s Aam Aadmi Party which both consider as unpredictable as the Delhi poll revealed where people voted that new party to power and now they could prefer the AAP even in Parliamentary poll.

Aam Aadmi Party should target all top leaders of both BJP and Congress to win seats nationally. AAP leader’s decision to take on BJP PM candidate Modi has sent cold waves across the BJP networks. Smelling eventual defeat in Varanasi, Modi has also decided to contest from Gujarat a state from Vadodara (Baroda)

Kejriwal should also contest from Vadodara also if Modi comes there to win a seat somehow.

It is indeed worth noting that Kejriwal’s visit to Gujarat has alarmed the RSS and BJP forcing them to consider safe constituencies for the top leaders, if possible two constituencies for each.

Modi who murdered Muslims in the state of Gujarat to boost his image as a very important Hindutva leader to take over the party leadership has over night became an asset to the BJP and RSS fool the nation. The communal party created false claims of development in Gujarat during his rule. The Hindutva forces have used the media to spread the lie and myth o about Gujarat model

Kejriwal visited Gujarat to expose the false claims of BJP and Modi. And Modi ran to Varanasi, wearing the Hindutva robes, to contest the poll and Kejriwal has also declared his intention of contesting from Varananasi to defeat Modi .

The Hindutva accorded special status to Modi to be the PM candidate, sideling the top leader Advani who narrowly missed the PM chair and the party offered Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat instead of Bhopal of his own choice.

It is wrong to underestimate the RSS/bjp strategy. Aam Admi should field an effective candidate against JP top leader LK Advani in Gandhi Nagar.

Both Advani and Modi are PM candidates and RSS would decide the matter later after the poll if at all the party gets enough seats. .

Since AAP does not have experienced leaders to deal with the poll at national level, it is important that every AAP candidate campaigns for the candidates in the nearby constituencies,

For instance, AAP candidate in Kanyakumari constituency in Tamil Nadu should also canvass and campaign vigorously for fellow AAP candidates, for instance,  in Thiruvanathapuram and Tirunelveli constituencies.

AAP’s entry into the Parliament polls make the consciously chose their representatives to work for their concerns sincerely and honestly.

AAP need to worry about the corporates and their illegally gotten wealth.

Aam Aadmi party has a prime duty before the people and nation: to serve and save them from corrupt criminal mafias that control the regime and parliament now.

Aam Aadmi Party is likely to grow in strength and will play its role in the years to come, if not after this poll itself It all depends on how the AAP approaches both Congress and BJP at national level and other major regional parties in states.


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